You know you’re in the country when…..

Well I’ve been in Wudinna for a good 5 months now and thought:  Well it’s about time I started to collate the experiences since I arrived that have reminded me that “yep, I’m in the country now….”

So without further adieu here is a list (to be updated regularly) of those moments. Please enjoy and feel free to message me to add your own.

1. Naming of the common cold

Thanks Microsoft Excel

This one has only just started to become apparent in the colder months with more and more patients presenting to the clinic with viral/bacterial URTIs or the common cold. Never have I heard a range of upper respiratory ailments collectively referred to with one term by almost an entire town. Fantastic.

2. Pet kangaroos

Kick it to me Skip!

If you have to avoid hitting a kangaroo with your car then you’re probably not driving in a city. But if you have to be on the lookout in the streets of your town and not just the highways that connect them, you are probably pretty damn rural. Here in Wudinna there is at least two pet kangaroos (which may or may not be because pets because their mother suffered acute lead poisoning…)

3. Meat tray raffle

Four all beef patties, special sauce….

In the epic words of Dr. Lewis: “what could be more country than the phrase ‘I’ve just won the meat tray raffle from the local footy club’?” This exact thing happened after our first footy home game at the local community club. Is it considered insider trading if the ticket dealer also works as a receptionist at the medical clinic? Not sure, all I know is those rissoles were spectacular. And free.

4. Country wave

The unconventional left finger wave

Already starting to suffer repetitive strain injury (RSI) in my right index finger from acknowledging every passing car in town. Not to mention every pedestrian, truck driver and kangaroo (see above). In fact, I am so intrigued by the country wave that there will be a separate entry dedicated to it in the future. Watch this space!


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4 responses to “You know you’re in the country when…..

  1. Alecia

    Bush telegraph? My husband at midday on a Friday knocked on a neighbour’s door to ask her if she could feed the cat over the weekend. By 2pm a patient whom I never met before, and at least 2 degrees of separation from the neighbour confirmed that cat feeding was arranged. Scary!

  2. Alecia

    Ps, got called out to deal with man vs piglet trauma and then man vs kangaroo trauma on the same day!

  3. Good to see that my listening is intact. I was pretty sure the people up in Wudinna referred to a URTI as a ‘wog’, but I was too embarrassed to get this clarified!

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