Paediatric Hip Pain

So you have a toddler/child/adolescent complaining of a sore hip and limping in your clinic? What are the different causes, how can you differentiate between them and what do you do from there? Watch on!

Online resources:

Acutely Swollen Joint Flow-chart

RCH guidelines for Acute Hip Pain


January 14, 2013 · 11:37 am

2 responses to “Paediatric Hip Pain

  1. Gerry, really impressed with the quality of stuff you are putting out there. Question – is it all up on (i hope so) and does A2OGP see FOAMed as the way of the future. So much potential for both rural and metro registrar training…

    Heck, I might be tempt to get back on board with GP training.

  2. gerryconsidine

    Appreciate it Tim. I am in the process of working out how AOGP might get on board. Being rural RLO and doing an academic term may help get it off the ground this year! It’s all up on GMEP too, with an associated MCQ

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