12th National Rural Health Conference Podcasts

“Live from Adelaide, its the 12th NHRC in April 2013!!”

Over the four day 12th National Rural Health Conference, I was lucky enough for sit down for a couple of minutes with some interesting delegates who told me a little about their path to the country and why they are so passionate about rural health. Listen to their stories here:

Sian Draffin (@rural_speechie)


Speaking with a Speechie

Talking with Sian, a newly qualified speech pathologist about growing up in the country and now working as a speechie in these areas. We also cover the future of social media connecting with patients in her profession.

Ben Crough (@BenCrough)


Talking with final year pharmacy student Ben Crough. He grew up in rural NSW and is aiming towards working in remote areas. Another Robbo (@bitethedust) for outback Australia perhaps?!

Dave Townsend (@futuregp)

Time out downstairs

Time out downstairs

Talking with medical student and the current GPSN chair about his time studying in rural areas. Dave is in 4th year at the University of New England in Armidale. He grew up Tasmania and has lived in country Victoria.

Andrew (Robbo) Roberts (@bitethedust)

Blending in

Blending in

Talking with Australia’s most remote and itinerant pharmacist. Some say he travels around because no one can stand him for longer than a few days, but we know it’s because he loves his job working in rural areas. We cover issues facing pharmacy in these settings.

Alison Fairleigh (@alisonfairleigh)

Discussing mental health in the bush

Discussing mental health in the bush

Talking with rural mental health advocate and ‘power-tweeter’ Alison Fairleigh about living in the country and what motivated her to do something about her passion of mental health in the bush.

Katherine King & Rachael Purcell


Talking with Katherine and Rachael who are both medical students in Victoria about their presentation at NHRC 2013. They looked at the supports and challenges for medical students on rural placements.

Donna Burns

Dance floor destructors!

Dance floor destructors!

Talking with Donna Burns about working and living in the country and what took her there. Donna currently works for Hunter Medicare Local in both rural and larger regional towns, but has some ideas if she was the NSW Health Minister!


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2 responses to “12th National Rural Health Conference Podcasts

  1. Love ya work Gerry – quick technical question – how are you recording this? Looks like a huge pair of Minh earphones and an impressive microphone? record via iPhone?

    Could you let me know your specs please?

    • gerryconsidine

      Recorder: Zoom H4N (about $300 if you search around), using the built in stereo mic at the top.
      Headphones: Some Shure ones, doesn’t really matter though. I would be happy using little ear bud ones as well
      Editing: Audacity (free online software), just to trim the ends and normalise the gain.

      Next purchase might be a couple of mics that can sit on the desk for when I do longer podcasts in the future. Have a chat to Andy Buck @edexam, he has some great gear

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